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Bodil Neuenschwander


Codrington Language Centre - the perfect place to combine holidays with English classes of good quality. Strict and well organized school. Familiar school and possibility to work in small groups. Not too far away from Europe or South America (so it's possible to stay for two weeks compared to Australia for example). Approaches individual needs.

Tereza Voriskova

Czech Republic

The Codrington Language Centre is probably the best school I've ever been. Apart from the fact that Barbados is absolutely beautiful, there is a relaxed atmosphere and the teaching methods are amazing. No stress, marks, exaggerated tests and exams. It is just great!

Jan Otta

Czech Republic

I was very satisfied with organising, preparing and managing from your side. All lessons had logical structure and clear program.

As the most valuable, I found listening of dialogs and following interpretation by students in speaking form. It allows usage of English in reported speech that develops student's ability in daily speaking. Students have opportunity to listen records of their speaking with immediate corrections. Even that this approach is very tuff and difficult for students, it brings fast development of their speaking skills. 

I liked also very much your approach to teaching grammar. It is done based on homework with explanation sheets and respective exercises. Revision of homework during the lesson next day is a great chance for students to repeat needed grammar with the teacher. On top of that it provided to students personal sentence analyse and sheet with weekly recapitulation of grammar, new vocubulary, pronunciation, new expressions and phrases. Students have summary tests at the end of each week. 

I found above described system as very effective and more valuable in comparison with lessons which I had in Europe. 

Finally learning English at the Codrington Language Centre and visit of Barbados is ideal solution how to combine vacation with studying. Thank you, I hope that I will come back soon.


Tessa Belair


I went to Barbados for 3 weeks. I wanted to improved my oral English. I had classes with a very good teacher, Sylvia J, at The Codrington Language Centre. Our classes were amazing and it felt as if what we learned in our classes in 3 weeks was like 1 whole year at school. So that was great for us. Thanks to Sylvia I improved my oral English in a beautiful island with amazing beaches. Sylvia is a very nice person. So I want to tell you to come to Barbados and to the centre.


Czech Republic

Barbados and me, great experience, nice country and a happy time here. Super school. Thank you!

Uwe Bogdan


I came with my wife to Barbados to make holidays.

From Monday to Friday we're going to the school to improve our English. For 3 hours a day.

At the school I learned something about grammar and pronunciation. Often we also went to the beach.

Every day we saw turtle swimming in the water, I really like the beaches with the palms and the golden sand!

Ben Liebsch


The Codrington L.C. is a very good school with pretty motivated and well qualified teachers. The huge advantage is that the groups are very small so that the teachers try to teach what you are interested in.

As a pupil I could mention lots of topics, I was interested in (death penalty, Barbadian history). In my free time I explored the beaches, especially Browne's Beach and Crystal Beach.

Every day I saw turtles, sometimes I even snorkelled with them and it's a mesmerizing experience. My accommodation was also organized by the school where I encountered Green Monkey quite often.

There are lots of things you can do here; catamaran tours, safari tours, diving, snorkelling, surfing, paddling!

I gained outstanding experience and my language skills referring to grammar, intonation pronunciation and especially discussing about several topics enhanced very well.

Learning English under Caribbean palms is the nicest thing ever!

Beate Bogdan


It was a nice experience to combine improving English and relaxing at the beach.

Every time our teachers tried to explain all in a nice way. It wasn't easy because the level of the students were different, so both were doing it very well. Thank you very much.

If I have time I'll come back. I've never swam with turtles close up the water is stunning especially the turtles.

Susanne Mayer


The Codrington Language Centre in Barbados is the best place to improve English knowledge. The combination of English lessons and living in an English-speaking country add to a quick implementation of the learned skills.

The small groups and especially the highly qualified teachers allow working on every individual problem.

The centre has a very familial atmosphere, which helps to overcome the language barriers.

The centre is located at the beutiful south coast of Barbados, near Bridgetown. This location gives the best requirements for the free time planning by which the Codrington-Team was very helpful every time.

Barbados offers many free time activities for every age and interest.

I want to thank the Codrington Team for the amazing time and hope to see you again next year!

Larissa Benevides


Studying at The Codrington Language Centre was one of the best experiences I had in years, as an English student. Classes with Sylvia Johnson were exciting, interesting and above all, always based on a well structured educational framework that she builds according to each students' specific needs. I should also say that my son, Felipe, who has just turned 10, had a great time with Sally and leaped 1 one year forward in his English course here in Brazil. My advice, for students of all ages, from any non English speaking country interested in learning or perfecting their English, would be: book your flight now and come to this blessed land, where Bajan's warm hospitality and the magic of Caribbean sea will simply take over your hearts, just as it happened to mine!

Ivonne Weidlich


Learn the language and have a holiday in the Paradise. This is the motto, which comes true, if you learn English in Barbados.

I Had an absolutely great time. The teachers are very competent and experienced.

After my lessons I went with my bike to the beach and did my homework in the shadow of a Palm tree with a view of the fantastic blue water.

My host family was very friendly and the dinner was always very, very, good.

I can really recommend this school and host family.

Maria Barrera


I only have words of gratitude and appreciation for Sylvia Johnson and Ann Whitehead at The Codrington Language Centre.

Sylvia is a highly qualified English teacher and her lessons are very good and enjoyable and Ann, in her position as coordinator, helped us a lot with all the arrangements for things to run smoothly.

Their work was key for the success of our staying in the island for the two week English course.

I definitely recommend Codrington if you are looking for combining a great holiday in paradise with an extremely good quality English language course.

Marcelo Xavier


I have studied at Codrington Language Centre for a 3 month advanced course and I could not have had a better experience. The course was very structured but also adjusted to my own specific needs and difficulties. Weekly reviews and commentaries on my progress were very helpful to keep me on track as lessons grew in difficulty. Class hours were flexible which allowed me to entertain my family (2 kids) and enjoy the island's many attractions. The Center's teacher, Coordinator and Director were very friendly and introduced me to a lot of the island's most interesting facts and places. Barbados is an amazing place, full of natural, cultural and sport attractions for all ages and tastes. I am convinced there is not a better way to put your newly acquired language skills to use than watching the sun setting on the Caribbean Sea. I hope more people may have the chance to share the great experience I had.

Jörn and Jeanette Landsvogt

Hamburg, Germany

The school is a very good place to learn English. It is located on the wonderful island of Barbados in the middle of the Caribbean. The school offers different courses for individual requirements. You will find a very personal atmosphere because of the small groups and the friendly high qualified teachers. There are many after school activities such as surfing, swimming and shopping. I had a lot of fun and I would come back anytime again. That was the best time in my life. The combination of a perfect school with qualified and friendly teachers, a lot of spare time activities, nearly no crime, nice bars, very friendly Bajans, a lot of sun and the best beaches in the world will make the Codrington Language Centre in Barbados to a great place for studying English.

Many greetings from Germany to the wonderful island of Barbados.

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