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Intensive 18+ English Language Combination Course

This is the Standard 18+ English Language Course with additional individual lessons to meet the specific language needs of the client.  Between 1 and 10 hours of individual lessons can be booked each week.  Individual tuition is available for students who want:

  • to prepare for an English language examination e.g. TOEFL, CPE
  • to improve their English in a business or work-related context
  • to have lessons in English for Special Purposes e.g. Business EnglishEnglish & Golf
  • to practise their spoken English in a relaxed and informal setting
Hours of Group Tuition per week: 15 hours
09.00 to 12.15 or, by agreement, 13.15 to 16.30
Hours of Individual Tuition per week: 1 to 10 maximum
Clients can book individual tuition without the 15 hours of tuition on the Standard 18+ English Language Course.
Start dates: Any Monday between 9 January and  18 December (Min 2 weeks).  CLC closes on  23rd December 2023 and reopens Monday 2nd January 2024.
Ages: Minimum: 18
Maximum class size: 6
Levels: Elementary to Advanced (A2 to C1)
Beginners are only accepted for individual tuition. If after initial acceptance a student is found to be a Beginner they will be offered the cost-equivalent number of individual lessons or the possibility of transferring to a full-time programme of individual lessons at extra cost.
Tuition Fee: 1 to 4 weeks: USD 450.00 per week
5 to 12 weeks: USD 425.00 per week
Over 12 weeks: USD 400.00 per week
Individual Tuition Fee: USD 75.00 per 60-minute hour
Registration Fee: USD 100.00 per student

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