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Barbados - your study destination

Travel to Barbados

Students travel independently to Barbados, normally arriving over the weekend prior to the commencement of their course.  Many students stay on in Barbados for a relaxing break in paradise at the end of their course.

Our European students can travel on direct flights from London Heathrow, Gatwick or Manchester in the UK. There are also weekly direct flights from Germany. Some students fly to Barbados through airports in the United States. Travel time for direct flights from the UK is approximately 8 hours and most flights are conveniently scheduled to arrive in the afternoon or early evening. 

There is a new, direct flight to Barbados from Bogotá in Colombia. Other routes from Latin America will be through the United States.

Airport Transfers

FREE airport transfers are normally provided between 07:00 and 20:00 for all students in homestay accommodation but this has been changed as a result of protocols introduced during the Covid pandemic   Hosts are no longer able to collect students from the airport on arrival but the return transfer at the end of their stay is still offered.

Students in self catering or hotel accommodation can book a transfer through Codrington Language Centre if required.  The charge is USD 35.00 for a one-way transfer.

Visas for Barbados

Do you need a visa to visit Barbados?  Check the following official website to find out how long a visitor may stay: http://immigration.gov.bb/pages/Visa_Requirements.aspx.

We advise students to apply for a “student visa” if they are staying for longer than 3 months. Please contact Codrington Language Centre for information about this and the process involved.

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